It is customary to write some filler for an inaugural post on a blog, and here is my contribution to that time-honoured tradition. The pages of this site are intended to filled with musings about personal projects and thoughts relating to data science.

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to read some convincing arguments for why anyone should undertake a blog, I encourage you to read this article on the topic, followed by this one. On top of their wisdom, I’d probably also add that even in a highly quantitative field like data science, success at work often depends on good communication. Without it, there’s a high chance that no one understands what you’re doing or appreciates the value you bring. When data scientists write about their work to people outside the field, they need to reduce complexity and fight things like the curse of knowledge, all while presenting a coherent narrative. In an increasingly interdisciplinary world, I believe this is an essential skill.

For those reasons, and probably others too, it feels like a worthwhile investment to get into the habit of writing about technical topics - practice makes perfect. With that said, I’ll let you read the rest of this website.